Genesis Series

Our GrowCube Genesis models are built to be used with many different grow systems. These models are blank slates.  We have four models to choose from.  Simply choose a design and you take it from there.  With insulation, epoxy floor, electricity, drains, vents, LED green/white lighting, this space is ready to go. We supply the grow space and you add the grow style you like.


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Grow Produce

Grow Produce all year long in this fully controlled environment. Equipped with the grow system you choose. These indoor farms are GrowReady. Our climate controlled grow systems are smart farms that yield many thousands of pounds of produce a year. These GrowCubes are Turn-Key investments that create predictable and consistent  yields.   

Grow Micro Greens

 Start your own micro green subscription business now!

   MicroGreens have fast harvest times and are packed with nutrition.  In a controlled environment, you will have predictable product to sell every week.

   If you are a restaurant that would like to control your greens, our team can work with you to insure beautiful food every week. This is truly farm to table.

Grow Canna

Grow Cannabis for medicinal benefits. We have solutions for every step of the process. From germination to cloning, horizontal to Vertical, we have grow systems that can work for you. These controlled environments produce predictable  high terpene yields. The CareGiver models will help insure the quality of the product in a secure, controlled environment. If your process is commercial size we can work with you to plan and scale your grow space as these are modular. 

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